Complete Essentials™: Core Ingredients

May 19, 2015 BSL Info

By utilizing a combination of performance-based ingredients in optimal quantities, Complete Essentials represents the cutting edge of athlete engineered nutrition to both optimize performance and body composition in hard training athletes as well as weekend warriors.

Essential Amino Acids and Branched Chain Amino Acids

April 28, 2015 BSL Info

In the previous post, we discussed the overall benefits of Essential Amino Acids and established that supplementing your client's nutrition with this powerful fuel will yield significant results in achieving goals and promoting overall wellness. 

So how does Complete Essentials fit into the big picture? Great question! Lets first start with some basics:

Body Systems Labs was founded with one core purpose: To develop resources and products that will add tremendous value to your business/practice. With that in mind, you can be assured that when we formulate a nutritional supplement, it will be practitioner grade, use the best ingredients, and formulated to drive results. compromise.

Benefits of Essential Amino Acids

April 27, 2015 BSL Info

Essential Amino Acids have been proven through significant amounts of research to not only be beneficial for building and repairing muscle but also maintaining lean muscle mass. Its no wonder that fitness professionals, sports nutritionist, and healthcare professionals alike use and recommend this powerful supplement. That said, I think its safe to say that the general population either doesn't know much about the product or just happened to pick some up at their health food store without knowing much about Essential Amino Acids and the overall benefits to health and performance.